Zeyno Ustun is a PhD candidate in the department of Sociology at the New School For Social Research, a Fellow of the Integrative PhD Fellowship program, a Teaching Fellow at the Eugene Lang College at The New School, and a researcher at Graph Commons.

Ustun earned her first Master's degree in Sociology at Boğaziçi University in 2012, with the thesis titled “Desire of the Impossible; A Cultural Reading of Fantastic Cinema" and a second M.A. in Sociology in 2015 at the New School for Social Research.

Ustun is currently writing her dissertation. Her research begins with the political and legal aftermath of the Gezi Resistance, a nationwide networked movement erupted in Istanbul, Turkey that quickly spread to the rest of the country via the tactical and strategic utilization of the Internet. The movement eventually withered away in the face of draconian amendments to governing the internet and the sheer number of strategic arrests made on the street and even as a result of tweeting. Drawing from other cases where networked movements did not lead to political parties or more resilient institutional organizations, like the political events in Brazil in 2013, Ukraine in 2014, and Hong Kong in 2014, Ustun asks how the local political authorities in Turkey managed to exert such hierarchical and central control over the universal internet, which has been globally celebrated in the popular discourse as an untamable democratic architecture of information that is infrastructurally decentralized and distributed. Investigating how power operates over decentralized networks, especially within a relationship of empire and the periphery, Ustun aims to map the historical, technical and bureaucratic processes and the social and political conditions that led to the internet, which facilitated not only the Gezi Resistance in Turkey and other networked movements of 21st century, but also the rising influence of state surveillance.

In addition to her academic engagements, Ustun has worked as the Media Editor and founding member of Public Seminar, the online magazine based at the New School that seeks to advance the founding project of The New School for Social Research. Recent works with Graph Commons include the ongoing project titled Networks of Dispossession, a networked database of the relations of capital and power that drive the urban transformation in Turkey; Higher Education Industrial Complex (2014), a project on private universities and their boards of trustees connected to a network of corporations and institutions in Turkey; and Monovacation (2014), a project on the homogenized ‘nature’ of tourism, exhibited in many events from Tokyo to Sao Paolo and to Marrakech Biennales.

                       Curriculum Vitae ​

- New School for Social Research,MA&PhD in Sociology 2013 - Ongoing
- Bogaziçi University Master of Arts in Sociology 2009 - 2012

  - Teaching Fellow | Digital Dissidence | Upcoming Fall 2018 
     Eugene Lang College, Department of Culture of Media
  - Teaching Fellow | Digital Dissidence | Spring 2018  
     Eugene Lang College,Department of Culture  of Media
  - Teaching Assistant | Our Lives on the Internet | Spring 2018        
     ULEC/Professor: Claire Potter 
  - Teaching Fellow | Critical Cartographies | Fall 2017
     Global Studies Department, NSPE 
  - Teaching Fellow | Politics of the Internet | Spring 2017  
     Eugene Lang College, Politics Department
  - Teaching Assistant | Our Lives on the Internet | Fall 2016 
     Professor:Claire Potter
  - Teaching Assistant | Introduction to Media Studies | Spring 2016   
     Professor: Deborah Lewitt 

Researcher|Graph Commons | 2011-Ongoing 
     *for projects see projects/translations

Media Editor|Public Seminar | 2014-2017
     The New School for Social Research

Research&Teaching Assistant| Bogaziçi University 2011-2012
  - Teaching Assistant| Social Research Methods | Spring Fall 2011-2012 
    Proffesor: Kivanc Inelmenk 
  - Project Coordinator|A Comprehensive View of the Competitiveness of Istanbul Hotels|Spring&Fall 2011 

Project Coordinator| NGO Society of Peace with Nature 2005–2012

Translator | Kaknüs Publishing House 2007–2009

English, German

SPSS, SDL Trados, Office, Adobe Indesign, Final Cut,    
   HTML/CSS, Javascript