Zeyno Ustun is a PhD student in the department of Sociology at the New School for Social Research, an editor of Public Seminar and a researcher at Graph Commons. She received her Master’s Degree in Sociology at Boğaziçi University in 2012, with the thesis titled “Desire of the Impossible; A Cultural Reading of Fantastic Cinema.

Ustun is currently working on her dissertation on the strategic use of digital technologies in contemporary social movements in the age of Internet. She is specifically focused on the simultaneous revolts of Brazil and Turkey erupted in 2013 June, which coincided with the Snowden revelations on the unlawful interceptions carried by National Security Agency in USA. Given the national, international and trans-local tensions around the Internet, Ustun, via her cases, is investigating the experience of the political subjectivities engaged in new types of political contestations, and the Internet as a space of resistance as well as a space of pervasive control and surveillance.

In addition to her duties at the Public Seminar, and her academic engagement,Ustun’s recent  work with Graph Commons includes the latest collective project titled Networks of Dispossession a networked database on the relations of capital and power within urban transformation in Turkey, exhibited in the most recent Istanbul Biennale; Higher Education Industrial Complex a project on private universities and their boards of trustees connected to a network of corporations and institutions in Turkey; and Monovacation a project on the homogenized ‘nature’ of tourism, exhibited in many events from Tokyo to Marrakech Biennales.

Curriculum Vitae ​
  • New School for Social Research, Sociology 2013 – Ongoing
  • Bogaziçi University Master of Arts in Sociology 2009 – 2012
  • Marmara University Bachelor’s Degree in Sociology 2003 – 2008​                                                                  * Graduated valedictorian
  • Cagaloglu Gymnasium 1996 – 2003
  • Editor |Public Seminar – The New School for Social Research
    2014 – Ongoing
  • Researcher |Graph Commons
    2011 – Ongoing
  • Teaching Assistant&Fellow | The New School
    01.2016 – Ongoing
    -Teaching Fellow | Politics of the Internet | Spring 2017ongoing Lang College, Politics Department
    -Teaching Assistant | Our Lives on the Internet | Fall 2016 Professor:Claire Potter
    -Teaching Assistant | Introduction to Media Studies | Spring 2016 Professor: Deborah Lewitt
  • Bogaziçi University
    Research&Teaching Assistant/Project Coordinator
    02.2011 – 09.2012
  • NGO Society of Peace with Nature
    Project Coordinator
    01.2005 – 01.2012
  • Kaknüs Publishing House
    07.2007 – 11.2009
  • YDS Publishing
    Freelance Test Writer
    ​02.2006 – 06.2007
  • Evrense​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​l Translation Office
    Freelance Translator
    01.2006 – 01.2007
  • Profil International HR
    Data Operator
    10.2005 – 01.2006
  • Dilkofen Publishing
    Freelance Test Writer
    03.2004 – 08.2005​

English, German


SPSS, SDL Trados, Office, Adobe Indesign, Final Cut, HTML/CSS, Javascript