Public Seminar

Public Seminar is an extension of The New School’s legendary “General Seminar,” founded by the original exile scholars. Through it, we are constituting a public seminar for the 21st century. My duties as a team member includes social media and media planning, event organizations and content production.

Higher Education Industrial Complex

Private universities and their boards of trustees connected to a network of corporations and institutions make the higher education industrial complex of Turkey. The network map contains 68 private universities (red), 625 member of the board of trustees (black), 970 organizations (blue colored corporations, foundations, associations, political parties, state universities), and 2001 relationships researched between organizations and people.

New Media — New Freedom?

"New Media — New Freedom?"dealt with the role that the social media might have for the democratic development of a state with panelists from Germany, Syria, Iran, Turkey and the U.S. (Dr. Heinrich Kreft, Auswärtiges Amt, Berlin, Member of the RIAS BERLIN COMMISSION, Sherry Al-Hayek, Arash Sigarchi, Lindsay Hofmann, and Zeyno Üstün).

Between the Door and the Street

October 19, 2013 some 400 women and a few men–all selected to represent a cross-section of ages, backgrounds, and perspectives–gathered on the stoops along Park Place, a residential block in Brooklyn, where they engaged in unscripted conversations about a variety of issues related to gender politics today. As a member of the Women from Gezi Platform NYC, I was on the stoops with my friends discussing the stories of women during Gezi protests.

A Short History of Feminism in Turkey and Feminist Resistance in Gezi

The conference “Talk Turkey: Rethinking Life Since Gezi” addresses key issues raised by the Gezi protests. Cihan Tekay and I co-presented at the panel titled "Rethinking Gezi Through Feminist and LGBT Perspectives".timeline and cited sources;text of the presentation

Networks of Dispossession

The Networks of Dispossession is a collective data compiling and mapping project on the relations of capital and power of urban transformation. The first three network maps created by our collective was exhibited in Galata Greek School in Istanbul Biennial. Currently, the collective continues working on upcoming diagrams which will be published soon.

Save As Social Memory

One of the major concerns during the Gezi resistance was how to keep the memories of pain, grief, anger, gains and losses alive. This symposium brought together three artists, a curator, and an academic who works in the area of software art, archive, and media archaeology to critically approach Gezi resistance and its link to social memory. I assisted the organizers to create the editorial content and carried out the translations.

Artist Collector Network: Phase III

Artist Collector Network: Phase III is the third phase of an ongoing data collecting and mapping work that was exhibited in the Datascape exhibition at Borusan Contemporary in Istanbul, 26 April – 1 September 2013. I compiled the data, wrote the editorial content for the catalogue, and onsite wall text. I worked with Arıkan in the second phase of the project as well, which was exhibited in Maçka Art Gallery.

Fuji X100s Istanbul Shooting

Zack Arias was in Istanbul to try out Fuji's new camera Fuji X100s with a colleague Harun Yasin making a film of Zack's shooting for Fuji. I assisted them in their project as the local producer. We spent five days in Istanbul together and I held the planning and guided them to a cultural tour in Istanbul.


For the Neoliberalism(s), Arıkan's most recent work in 11th Sharjah Biennial (13 March-13 May 2013), I assisted the artist in creating the questions for the Neolibrealim(s) survey that are directly stated without any tricks that the implementers of this technique appropriates or whatsoever, and are expressed in a certain way that reveals a description of neoliberalism. I also wrote the editorial content for the biennial catalogue.


In"Monovacation", I helped Arikan to model a network map of conceptual relations between official tourism films, which will be automatically montaged by a custom software that traverses the network. I collected the short films, analysed and tagged the images and concepts presented in each clip. Then, I postcoded the tags, merged the similar ones and retagged the clips. The work is now being exhibited in Istabbul Modern between 07/02/2013 and 07/04/2013.

 Islam, Republic, Neoliberalism, Istanbul Design Biennale

Islam, Republic, Neoliberalism comprises of three network maps where mosques, republican monuments&museums and shopping centers dispersed throughout Istanbul connect to each other within their areas of influence. I researched the written sources and maps and gathered the data of the location of each node. Additionally, I wrote the catalogue text and carried out other editorial tasks.

Artist Collector Network

Artist Collector Network is a data collecting and mapping research on the “nature” of the society of art. The work aims to reveal and question one of the fundamental dynamics of the society of art, the relations of artists and collectors. I assisted Arikan in compiling data for his artwork and carried out editorial tasks for both the first and the second base of the project.

A Comprehensive View of the Competitiveness of Istanbul Hotels

The project aims to measure the competitiveness of hotels in Istanbul researching the work conditions of employees and employee satisfaction, customer satisfaction, managerial data gathering and environmental sustainability. I performed as the project coordinator and carried out all the responsibilities regarding the conduct of field research.

Outdoor Survival Guide

Author: Hugh McManner's. From constructing emergency shelters and testing plants for poison to making a compass and splinting a broken arm, this fully-illustrated guide teaches everything we need to know about staying alive in any environment. I translated Complete Wilderness Training Manual into Turkish in 2009, also had the chance to gain some skills of survival in the wild theoretically.

Gelincikler | Society of Peace with Nature

We, as the Gelincikler team, developed a training cycle that teaches people a set of quick applications to the appliances of our homes in order to use less instead of recycle. I performed as the project coordinator, participated in the development process and conduct of the project and also attended youth in action programs of European Commission presenting our ideas.

APA Publication Manual

Author: American Psychology Association.
 The Publication Manualis the style manual of choice for writers, editors, students, educators, and professionals in psychology, sociology, business, economics, nursing, social work, and justice administration, and other disciplines. Providing clear guidance on the mechanics of writing, APA offers an authoritative and easy-to-use reference and citation system. I participated the translation project published in 2009.