Zeyno Ustun, PhD


I am a sociologist, researcher and an educator trained in interdisciplinary and integrative methods for studying the relationship between technology and society.

Most recently, I was a postdoctoral fellow at the Center for Media at Risk, the Annenberg School for Communication in the University of Pennsylvania. Here, in addition to my book project in progress, I wrote a peer-reviewed article Cartographies of Digital Dissidence: Networked Movements, Internet Laws and Internet Ungovernance Forums in Turkey and Brazil published in the journal First Monday, and conducted a data and visualization heavy research titled Mapping the Ecosystem of Media at Risk.

I was as a 2017-2019 Fellow of the Integrative PhD Fellowship Program, and I received my PhD in Sociology at the New School for Social Research in 2019, with a dissertation titled Digital Dissidence: A Cartography of the Gezi Movement and its Legal Aftermath.

Since 2011, I have also been the researcher of the Graph Commons, a collaborative platform for mapping, analyzing and publishing data-networks.